Job without targets

With time the target based jobs are growing in number. Sales and marketing, HR recruiting, educational counselor, business developing, BPO and KPO and also SEO jobs are all target based. You will have to prove yourself and bring business to earn your salary or stay with the jobs. For this reason many fear these types of jobs. However, target oriented jobs have many advantages which can help you in different ways.

Productivity improvement

When you continuously work on targets, you work hard to meet the target. It improves you as a worker. You meet your target and then you reach for bigger target. This way you grow in your professional career along with your company.

Increase efficiency

To achieve your target you will have to perform. To perform well you will have to keep yourself improved. The drive to perform better and achieve bigger targets ultimately, makes your train yourself. When you do this over and over, your efficiency increases.

Bringing out the best

Target oriented jobs help you realize your ability. To meet the target, you keep performing better and each time you hit your target you set yourself to achieve more. With time you bring your best self out to meet the target.

Building confidence

Working in target oriented environment and also meeting targets makes you confident. As you see your ability to achieve bigger goals, you will realize your strength.

Healthy competition

Competition is the best possible way of bringing the best out of anyone. Target oriented jobs result in healthy competition inside the workplace. As the employees compete with each other they become better at doing the job.

Time management

Target oriented job teaches the workers the value of time. As they work on deadlines, the realization dawns in that losing time may mean losing a big project.

Improves alertness

To handle target oriented job, you will have to stay alert. There are times when not paying attention yields fatal results.

You should have your personal target. It will help you stay alert all the time. As you reach your target, you realize that targets are achievable and if you put little more effort, you will definitely reach your destination, no matter how tough.

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  1. Nicole Snape says:

    Target related jobs means that staff are under a great deal of stress which does effect their work, if you are stressed you do not work as efficiently as you would if you were not stressed.
    Nobody used to have to work under a target regime when I was younger, they just went to work and if you did not work properly then your line manager would have a quiet word in your ear, People are dying younger and younger and its all down to stress, more people are visiting their GP S as a result of this I know because it has happened to me, we were threatened in the workplace from a manager if we did not hit our targets then we were out of a job, but if the customer is not answering the phone and you are ringing them and doing your job is that then fair to dismiss a worker because they have not hit targets, I find this most unfair that why I am trying to get a job now where there are not any targets involved it is NOT worth it