Jobs that take you around the world

If you are fond of traveling, then you could always go for a job profile that allows you to go round the world, network with people and enjoy life to the fullest. Do not wink your eyes because such jobs are very much available in the professional market today. You just have to know whether you are suited for the job profile. This article lists down all the popular jobs that allow you to cool off steam at beaches, take cognizance of the wonderful sights in the world and above all remain completely satisfied with the job.

  • Flight attendants – There couldn’t be a better job suited for globetrotters. If you are okay with jet-lagging and traveling between different time zones, then you could always become a flight attendant. Serving refreshments on the flight, greeting passengers and being the friendly host are some of the features of the job description.
  • International news correspondents and journalists – News agencies and media companies are now toying with the idea of having international correspondents who could relay the report directly from the ground. If you have international ties and diplomatic interests, then there couldn’t be a better way to travel around the world. Photojournalists are also in great demand.
  • Event planners – Event management companies which deal with business meetings, seminars and conferences often hire planning professionals who are ready to travel around the world, network with people and set the setting right for the event.
  • Celebrity nannies – This is an altogether diverse and a variety profession where you are hired to become a nanny for high profile families. Since these families are always on the move, you will also find a seat on the flight. It has to be mentioned here that these jobs are very tough to get and you need out-of-the-world professional references and recommendations.

If you are a fanatic globetrotter, then the above jobs would catch your attention. Pick out the best and start aiming towards your dreams.

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