Judging the career aptitude with the help of astrology

Although a career is defined by an individual’s true passion and inhibitions, there are many who believe in the movement of the planets and influences of such movements on their careers. This article is for those who trust the realms of astrology and who believe that the cosmic movements have a defining influence on the path their life and career is going to take.

Influence of the first house

According to Vedic astrology, the first house or ‘lagna’ defines an individual and plays a vital role in defining his/her characteristics. Planets are known as the ‘house ruler’ and therefore contribute to the various traits that can be found in the particular individual. The combination of planets along with their supposed trajectory of movement can be studied to define the career path the individual is most likely to take.

The luminaries

The Sun and the Moon, known as luminaries in astrology circles, greatly influence the person’s life as well. The conjoining of the sun or the moon in the trajectory of the planets can very well define the supposed field that the person might be expected to enter. These combinations can only be predicted accurately by an experienced astrologer.

Career options defined by zodiac signs

Below are given some of the career options that are normally seen to be pursued by people of the zodiac signs.

Media, journalism, writing – Vigo, Gemini

Medicine – Aries, Cancer, Virgo

Banking and finance – Taurus, Sagittarius

Philosophy – Aquarius

Politics – Leo

Engineering – Aquarius, Capricorn


It has to be said that judging the career aptitude of an individual is a difficult thing to do and it requires highly accurate research studies to correctly define one’s career path and mode. Astrology can also help in predicting whether there are going to be ups and downs in your career. These are again subject to transitory positions of the planets.

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