Learning to be a team player

Being a Good Team Player

Every organization puts the focus on building a good team. To be an essential part of an organization, you will have to be a good team player. You will have to learn a lot of things. If you are wondering why it is important to be a team player, the answer is there are plenty of reasons.

It is important for deriving support. Time and again things do go wrong. There comes a time when nothing seems right. In these moments of blues, you will require the supporting hands of your team. Working alone means facing these troubles alone. No one will be there to share your woes. No one will even care. But being with a team means your worry becomes their worry too. And each one of the team members will try to find a solution to the problem.

Being a part of a team helps people stay motivated and inspired. Sometimes overcoming frustration becomes the most difficult part of the job. And handling something alone means frequently facing the problem of frustration alone. Team meetings sometimes yield miraculous result in this case.

There are many other reasons why managements of top organizations focus on working as a team. And they want to hire only those who are capable of working in a team.

Few qualities of good team player

A team player is such a person who will put effort on maintaining team unity. To be a good team player you will have to find your strength and use it for the advantage of your team. You need to remember your responsibility and work accordingly.

You will have to be supportive and accept the fact that everyone may not be as good as you are. You need to adhere to the patience level and give the weak ones time to improve. Similarly, you will have to face the reality that someone must be better than you. There is no place for ego in a team and you should make sure to control yours.

Each team which performs well is full of players who are not afraid to express their mind. They talk about their weaknesses without being ashamed of. Everyone cannot do everything and being a part of the team you should admit your lack of ability.

You should not shy away from work. Ask for more work when you know you are capable of performing it.

To be a good player and be valuable to your team, you will have to be a good listener. You need to pay attention and understand the view point of other people. If you refuse to listen to your team mates, they will return the behavior when you will need them to listen to you.

A major trait of a team player is the willingness to share. You should share your knowledge without any reluctance. It will not hamper your capability or performance. Instead next time when problem occurs, people will look towards you for guidance.

Also you must have the willingness to change to fit into you team. Being rigid can only hinder your performance along with your team’s performance.

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