Losing your focus? Try extreme sports

Wondering if this is the right resource you’ve come by? Well, read on to find out how much extreme sports and outdoor activities of similar pattern actually help you in developing a better focus and concentration.

Don’t be surprised. It is scientifically proven that extreme adventure sports require heightened level of concentration, which is almost equivalent to that of meditation. Therefore when you are back from a hearty vacation in the hills doing some rough and tough skateboarding or trekking up a steep mountain slope and getting back down, you’ll realize that you’ve actually been able to co-me back with more energy and enthusiasm than what you had before.

Extreme sports being a skilled field, leaves no space for too much of thinking and so your brain goes for a literal leave for some time. When you are involved in an extreme sports for some time, in that case only your bodily functions are coordinated with your mind and the focus is entirely on the activity and not on the activities of the external environment. This definitely allows for a space which is almost equivalent to that when you are meditating. This leaves your mind with a space to invigorate and rejuvenate itself. So, when you are back to your work, you will find that you can focus more on the job at hand and you are able to finish your work faster than what you usually do.

Here’s more concrete data with respect to the above statements:

According to researcher G.E Brymer “extreme sportspeople experience freedom from everyday thoughts because being involved in extreme sports or a highly skilled activity left no cognitive room for any other thoughts. They were in the moment.”

You have heard about the benefits of meditation but you were always looking for something more active to reclaim your power to concentrate and work at your best. If you have it in you, then adventure sports may be the best way to get back your focus.

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    works like a charm!!