Make change happen

Merely waiting for a change is not going to change everything. It is you who have to take the initiative to make the change happen. Changes do not occur on their own. People are responsible for bringing forth changes or retarding their advent. Hence, do not wait for others to change the situation. If you have to be successful in life you have to take the initiative to initiate the change. An initial effort may not yield the desired result, but repeated efforts would surely take you to the paragon of success.

Changing something that has been in practice for years or for centuries may be a tedious task, but someone needs to do it if a change is required. So, why not it be you? Those who sit idle and wait for a change are never remembered, but those who bring changes are revered as a notable figures. Your initiative to change something can give a boost to your career as well. Employers generally look for youngsters who have the spirit to do something different and if you can do something constructive it would help probable employers create a positive impression about you.

Take for example, Dirk Beveridge. Dirk owns a small firm that is associated with the development of sales strategies for wholesale business organizations. However, due to the changing nature of the consumer market, wholesale businesses are losing relevance fast. Dirk tried to change this situation by organizing conferences where experts from different fields spoke to discuss and explore new possibilities in the wholesale business. It cannot be said that Dirk met with immediate success from the very first conference, but, according to him, it has been a good start. He is now making preparations to organize another conference this year and involve more and more people into that.

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