Make the first few seconds of your interview count

No matter what you may have heard before, this is the fact that the first few seconds of the interview will always be more important than the rest. If you can make a positive impression during these few seconds then it will definitely help you in creating a lasting impression in the mind of the recruiter.

Eye contact can definitely make a lot of difference in the way the interviewer perceives you.If you are looking for a way to bring out your confidence and assertiveness then there can hardly be a better way than to communicate via body language and remember, eye contact is the killer of them all! Either you get it right or you don’t get it all. You need to look into the eye of the interviewer but mix it with the right kind of attitude. There is a chance that maintaining a direct eye contact may give you the tag of being somewhat rude. You’ve got to neutralize this by being polite and humble in the way that you speak and conduct yourself. At all times, there should be smile not far away from the corners of your mouth!

Wearing the right kind of clothes and shoes is also as important as the rest of it. Choose your wardrobe according to the job profile and your profession. Toning down a bit may be a good idea for the interview day. It is important o remain in touch with the trend of the age when it comes to formal attires. The company culture also needs to be kept in mind.

How you shake hands with the interviewer is also an important aspect of creating a killer impression. If you aren’t sure of whether you should shake hands or not you should just wait for the other person to reach out to you and then make your move.

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