Make your mark at graduate fairs

Graduate fairs offer a unique opportunity to both recruiters and job seekers as far as the employment market is concerned. While on one hand, recruiters can directly recruit fresh graduates to fill up the vacancies at their organizations, on the other, fresh graduates and job seekers can interact directly with the employers, thus giving a boost to their employment opportunities. So, if you want to build a proper career visit a graduate fair and make the most out of it. But before you do so you need to consider certain things that would ensure a positive result of your visit.

  • Preparation is the most important thing that is to be done before visiting a graduate fair. Without proper preparation you would never be able to extract anything from the fair. Check the list of the exhibitors and determine those employers whom you think would suit you best. This would help you understand what they want from the candidates and how can you be their best choice.
  • If you want to submit your CV to the recruiters at the fair, get it checked by career advisors at your college or other experts. CV plays a decisive role in helping candidates grab a job. So before you submit your CV make sure that it depicts all your qualifications and experience.
  • Proper rehearsal can help you face the recruiters efficiently. When faced with questions from employers, many candidates tend to stammer. In order to avoid such a disappointing situation you should rehearse your approach a number of times before visiting the fair.
  • It is often said that the first impression is the strongest impression. So, try to impress recruiters in one go by dressing properly. Formal attire is the best option but if you want to be in casuals make sure that your dress is clean and presentable.

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