What makes the interviews bad

What makes the interviews badInterviews are conducted by various firms and companies, with the intention of searching the suitable employees for the vacant positions. Interviews are the formal and systematic process of selecting the eligible candidates. Thus the candidates are expected to maintain the rules and decorum of an interview. Apart from the qualifications present in the resume, the interviewers also consider the presentation and code of conduct while selecting the appearing candidates. There are some formal codes of conduct which should be strictly followed by the interviewee during the time of an interview. Absurd dressing styles, attending phone calls during the interview and informal behaviour lead to the framing of bad impression in minds of the interviewer.

Samples of the bad interview

Error in communication between the interviews and the interviewee leads to bad interview. The candidates should take care of the tonal quality while speaking to the interviewers. His voice should be polite and low pitched while answering to the queries put on by the interview board. The tone of rudeness in the interviewee’s voice results in a bad interview. The candidate must carry on qualitative talks in the interview. The candidates should restrict themselves of talking ill about the previous company or the boss for whom he worked. It questions the ability of the candidate to keep the office secrets confidential.

Errors in presenting oneself

It is very important for the candidates to be presentable while facing the interview. He needs to maintain the formal dress code and should check his body language during the interview. Proper dress code and conduct set the first impression which counts in the selection process. The candidates must maintain decency of the hand gestures while answering an interview. Answering or attending phone calls during an interview is proved to be disastrous as it sets a very wrong impression on the interviewers. Excess of talking or too little talking should be avoided as excess of talking may bring out the flaws that should be kept hidden and little talking restricts the interviewers to judge the candidates. Thus there should be a balance in the communication.

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