Making a career as a travel consultant

If you love to travel or plan vacations for others then this is the best career opportunity for you. Imagine all the traveling that you will have access to at the best price available, apart from being personally in touch with a good number of travel agents, hotels and destination managers. As a travel consultant, a whole new world will be open for you to explore. The best part is that you will also be at a position to guide the travelers in spending their hard earned money in planning a memorable vacation. This is the trickiest part as well!

You have a number of specialization areas to consider when you are planning a career in this profession. Apart from the usual areas such as wildlife, business, adventure and honeymoon travel, you can also go for the options which are fast gaining popularity such as eco tourism, luxury travel cruise vacations, winery tours, spa and medical tourism.

As for educational qualification, the employers who own travel agencies look for a degree in travel and tourism or travel and tourism management while hiring travel agents. You also need to have a strong base in English, Math, General Knowledge and Geography. This is because apart from planning the vacations you also need to know the temperature and climatic conditions of a particular destination like the back of your hand. Also, you need to be able to calculate the expenses, etc. for your clients as they will be looking at you to give them instant solutions for their queries.

You also need to know the basic steps of planning a travel such as suggesting destinations which will be profitable as well as enjoyable apart from guiding you clients in getting their visas ready (if required), offering them discounted rates for accommodation and travel. The most important aspect about being a travel consultant is that need to interact with the clients. So, you also need to have excellent communication skills and an ability to relate to their sentiments about traveling so that they come back looking for repeat services.

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