Making the best use of the OJT (on job training) period

What is OJT?

On the job training (OJT) basically means work related training imparted to the employees in order to improve their efficiency for a particular job, widen their skill base and familiarize them with the organization aims and policies. OJT is an age old policy where in the Middle Ages, it was known as apprenticeship where master craftsmen taught the tricks of their trade to the youths who assisted them in their work.

How to benefit from OJT

Since on the job training is imparted while an individual is actually performing the job it presents a variety of unique opportunities to the individual.

  • Since it attempts to make the employees aware of the policies and regulations of the organization, the incidence of constant supervision is reduced and you can look forward to working in a hassle free environment in the future.
  • Networking – It gives you the chance to forge useful business contacts which can be used to brighten your prospects in the future.
  • If you are a quick learner and if you can perform the tasks assigned to you according to the expectations of your employer, then it increases your chances of being promoted.
  • It gives you an opportunity to develop and hone your skills for the job, which are a lifelong asset, whether you choose to remain in the same organization in the future or plan to work elsewhere.

Types of On the Job Training

Employees are trained on the job either by assisting an experienced superior who acts as a mentor or they can be inducted into a formalized training programme which takes them step by step through the dynamics of performing the job at hand. Some of the methods of OJT are coaching, mentoring, job rotation and job instruction technique (JIT).

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