Making your resume web friendly

This is the new world – the e world. Here, reality is exists dependant on virtual presence. So, how can this be different in case of job application? Herein is the role of making your resume compatible to the World Wide Web. By doing this you will not only be able to gain access to a wider audience but also do that in the shortest possible time and these are perhaps the reasons as to why emailing the resume and uploading the resume on various job or recruitment websites has become so important.

This is in fact the first thing that most of the students do after they have crossed the minimum academic level so that the recruiters can have access to their résumé as and when they keep updating it. This is another advantage of inserting your resume in this brave new world of ‘e’ – you just need to put in the latest information about your educational and/or professional experience and that update can be accessed by the organizations looking for prospective candidates to fill up positions. The most important thing that you need to do is make your resume simple, include words and phrases that are easy to understand, and don’t forget to put in keywords with which the recruiters would generally search if they were looking for a candidate. This makes your resume friendly to SEO or search engine optimization.

Simplicity in font and style is also a desirable quality as that will make it easier for the applicant tracking system to scan your resume and show it in the results. If you want to change the format of the content that you have included in your resume then use Notepad (or WordPad) to do so because you will need to remove all the formatting that you had included in the first place. Following these steps will make your resume easy to track.

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