Manager = making others work

Everyone is always looking to go higher in their career. In any industry the Manager is always looked at as having the easiest job. All they need to do, in the opinion of others (namely their subordinates!) is make others work.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Soccer team Manchester United once said “It can be difficult to pinpoint who would make it as a manager.” Although he manages a world renowned football team, his comment holds true in the corporate arena as well. A manager is definitely not equal to just making others work. Great effort is put in by anyone who achieves the position and greater effort must be exerted to remain there. Thus only one who has become or is a manager is qualified to pass judgement.

Some of the real functions of a manager are

  • Maintaining a team’s records with regard to performance, attendance, growth in the company and a variety of other aspects.
  • Ensuring that a team has all the relevant resources it needs to maximize output
  • Making the reports that need to be presented to the seniors.
  • Training new recruits on the operations, policies, and procedure of the company
  • Identifying and acting upon the weak spots of the team and its members.

The list would turn exhaustive and yet the duties of a manager would not be adequately listed. In fact sometimes managers are at the most inconvenient spot in a workplace. Not only do they suffer the wrath of their own superiors they must also handle the animosity of their subordinates.

It must be said though, that a few individual managers are the reason this idea of managers equaling making others work has become prevalent. They exploit their position and manipulate people to get their own subservient causes furthered. As unfortunate as this is, it should not be assumed that the manager equals making others work as they strive equally hard to meet the organizational goals.

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