Mentoring Effectively

The thing about mentoring is that you’re ever ready to learn and grow. To be able to mentor someone, the mentor has to understand and acknowledge the dynamism that is a part of the process. So as a mentor has to remember that even they aren’t the ‘be-all-end-all’ of their area of specialization. They are just assisting a person to be better than what they already are.

Who is a mentor? They are someone who isn’t just an expert in their field but those who can communicate effectively and emphatically.Understanding the perspective of the person they are about to mentor is extremely important.So, if you are about to take up this job then you need to keep this in mind that you need to be able to instill that amount of trust into the mind of the person so that they can share their woes and worries with and be open for any suggestions. Remember that it’s not a one way process that you will be able to wrap up your stuff and run away as soon as your job is done! Mentoring is a long term process and it can be carried forward for improvised results.

So, it’s not just about being successful in your field or being knowledgeable, you also need to be a good listener and strike an engaging conversation so that the issues surface up and you have the opportunity to mend the broken parts.

Lending a few words from the great poet Robert Frost, a mentor can also be equated with an “awakener”, someone who doesn’t instill anything new but only aims at enhancing the skills that are already present. The aim is to make a person capable of thinking and acting in the right manner so that the best results are attained through a two-way mentoring relationship.

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