Minimizing stress is essential

Minimizing stress is essential In order to cope with the economic squeeze many companies are now taking resort to several cost cutting measures, reducing employee numbers being the favorite of them all. The steady reduction in the number of employees in an organization means a greater work pressure on those who the company retains. This tremendous work pressure can easily result in stress if the employee cannot manage it properly. Stress and tension are the two things that are the origin of most of the diseases in the modern world. As a result it is better to ventilate the stress out rather than struggling to withstand the pressure.

There may be several reasons for the origin of stress. Right from increase in work pressure to rift with colleagues, all these reasons ultimately end in paving the way for more and more stress with the passage of time. If it is not countered properly it can give rise to several mental as well as physical illnesses in course of time. Therefore, it is always better to talk with the boss about the stress and find a way out of the problem. Having any problem with a coworker can be sorted out through mutual discussion, but if the work pressure feels excessive it is better to talk directly to the boss instead of complaining to someone else.

It is better to keep the meeting as simple as possible. Expressing the points of botheration in clear terms is absolutely essential as it would help the boss know what the employee is going through. However, before meeting him personally it is always advisable to send him an e-mail asking for an appointment for the issue you want a discussion on. Minimizing stress is essential if a person has to live a happy professional as well as personal life. Therefore, talking to the boss without wasting time is the key to the solution of the problem.