Modern workplace perspectives

What is it that keeps the gen y workers going? Is it money, fame or stability? What can possibly inspire them to continue being a part of a particular organization? It’s simpler than you think. Motivation! And, motivation doesn’t come with just monetary rewards. Intangible rewards such as acknowledgement and appreciation are also considered to be as important. The point is, the Gen Y workers are ready to give their best when it comes to meeting the targets or anything similar but in return they look for motivational actions from the authorities. It doesn’t have to be something great all the time, even the small little gestures of admiration may be enough to take up their spirits to great levels altogether.

Values don’t just mean how much secure the position is. For this generation of workforce organizational values must make way for the growth and progression of the career of the employees. This will ensure that the values are in adherence with their career objective and in this way they will be encouraged to give their best efforts in taking the organization to greater heights of success against all competitors. They will also want to work with organizations which will give them the chance to grow and develop with the help of training and mentoring sessions. So, they will look for such employers who have such programs incorporated.

Work environment is an important issue for the Gen Y workers. They p-refer workplaces which are not stringent about their work hours and allow flexi timing to suit the requirements of the workers. Considering the changing face of employment at present, this seems to be the only logical solution that can pool in as much talented professionals as possible and will not scare away those with a creative bent of mind.  Recognition is also something that can offer the desired result.

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