Money for work or working for money

When questioning whether money is the only motivator for work, it should be clarified what the definition of work is.

There are numerous people who are shining examples of the notion that money just cannot be a motivator for their work.

  • Doctors working in remote villages
  • Teachers who dedicate their lives to educating street children
  • Craftsmen who fight penury to ensure that their art form does not fade into oblivion
  • The soldiers of the armed forces of a country

The list could be exhaustive but these few profiles will suffice to make the point.

It would be wrong, however, to say that none of them should be paid if they are not motivated by money. In fact they should be paid much more! They have needs and responsibilities the same as all of us. It is their passion for their work that makes the difference in them.

We all need money. Without a secure financial platform it becomes very difficult to maintain morality. Crime is rampant in the world today because money is the motivation for the desperate and greedy criminal. The moment money becomes a motivator; work begins to include the vile and immoral.

If the individual finds work that;

  1. He or she enjoys doing
  2. Makes them feel like a part of a community
  3. Makes them feel that they are adding to human society positively
  4. Helps them grow professionally and personally as well

They can attest to needing money but not being motivated by it. Money is rightly called the root of all evil. Even those who have bank accounts and safes brimming with it can find little respite from worry. Yet the humble laborer of the field can lie down on a straw mat and have a far more peaceful sleep because he has earned money, as little as it may be, for his work. He is just a laborer, not a criminal or a crazed money grubbing executive burning the midnight oil, because he is working for money.

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