Movie critics and film journalists

The films, of all genres encounter the critical comments of the film critics, after the film release. It is the work of a film critic to guide the theatre goes by providing them the details of movie, without unveiling the story. A film critic compares the film, with some fixed parameters, in order to evaluate and critically analyze. Their analysis finds its place in the column of various magazines, newspapers and other media houses which deals with the entertainment news.

How to become a film critic

A person who is equipped with the knowledge of film genre, theories and culture on which the films are made and other features like cinematography, light effect can become a film critic. But the degree and specialization on film studies, always adds to the preference and perfection. There are various intuitions which offer a bachelor degree and diploma in film studies. In order to specialize in the cult of analyzing the films, one must obtain a master degree, which enhances the quality and perfection of a film critic. The master degree takes around two to five years, for its completion, in which the students have to do a research work on the history and evolution of theatres and drama, the techniques used in film making, influence of culture on drama and so on. The students of journalism, also gets the choice switching over to the profession of film critics, if they have the requisite knowledge of writing a film review.

Job opportunities for film critic

After attaining a degree on film studies, a film critic can start writing film reviews for the entertainment columns and can work for the broadcasting media which deals with screening of films and its performance in box-office. A movie critic can also keeps a track of the public response towards the released films. He can participate in various film festivals and premiers, which helps him to enhance the skills of evaluating and analyzing the film. He can work as an intern while perusing a degree and diploma courses. A film critic always enjoys the opportunity to practice as a freelance critic and work for various websites and print media.