Myths about your strengths

Myths about your strengths Inherent strength is something that each and every professional must hold if he or she has to excel in the professional field. But, there are certain myths regarding strength that need to be dismissed so that next time when you think of your strength you can be confident enough of being the right person. It is often said that focusing on strength hardly yields any result. But, on the contrary, the truth is in order to become a successful executive you have to emphasize on your strength so that you can deliver the best results. The ability to blend own strength with that of colleagues and superiors is the forte of an effective and efficient professional.

It is also said that when strength is pushed too far it turns into weakness. It is true that anything in excess is not good, but strength is exceptional. The more you work on your strengths the more skilled you become in what you do. And so it is always important to make the most out of your strength. It would help you enhance your professional skills, thus enabling you to be in a better position both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is therefore better for you to culture your strength in order to emerge as a winner in your professional field.

Another widely circulated myth about strengths is that flaws and strengths reside side by side. But, latest studies show that it is highly unlikely for a person to possess a strength and a fatal flaw at the same time. Though a few exceptions are always there, 98 percent of people are bestowed with any one capacity— either a strength or a flaw. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on the strength and to maximize the skills which would help you perform better in your professional arena.