Off loading your CV

Writing a proper CV may seem easy but when it comes to actually writing down, a lot of people stumble. It is needless to mention that a CV works to create the first impression on the minds of recruiters about the job seeker. Hence, it is important for CVs to be as precise and informative as possible. But, inexperienced job seekers find it difficult to trim off that extra fat that needlessly make resumes clumsy and difficult to understand. It is to be kept in mind that the more precise and clear a CV is, more is the chance of the job seeker getting employed.

  • The first thing that job seekers should try to get rid of in their resumes is the extra pages. A standard CV should be of no more than 2 A4 sized pages. The information that needs to be conveyed should be clearly depicted in these two pages. Any extra page becomes a burden to the whole document and hence should be abjured at any cost.
  • Work experience that is not related to the opted sector should be kept out of the CV at any cost. Inclusion of the all the previous employment details that do not have any relation with the sector that the job seeker has applied for only makes the resume more clumsy.
  • It is wise not to emphasize on failures that may have been experienced by the job seeker in his or her professional life. Penning down the failures would only help recruiters develop a negative idea about the jobseeker and they can discard the candidate without a second thought.
  • The most important thing that job seekers should stay aware of while drafting a CV is to stay away from using colors and pictures. Excessive use of colors and pictures may prompt the interviewer to think that the job seeker is more associated with cosmetic features rather than the real quality of the work, thus paving the way for his or her exit.

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