Opportunities in present day Journalism

The qualities of twenty first century journalist The conventional work of a journalist is to identify an incident as a news and check its authenticity, before bringing it to the limelight. Journalism enwraps in it, the potential of creating difference in thought process of the general mass and initiates a revolution or a change in an intuition, society and country. The productivity and usefulness of journalism is appreciated by people, since World War I. In order to maintain pace with the fast changing world, journalism had to undergo many changes. The new trends in journalism have opened new challenges for the present day journalist. The journalism sector has to maintain its dynamic nature, in order to stay updated. This in turn paves way to new job opportunities for those who aspire to become a journalist.

The qualities of twenty first century journalist

The act of Journalism, have always aimed at keeping the mass aware of the happenings around the world. In order to thrive in the in present day Journalism, a journalist should be well equipped with ethics and laws of Journalism. He should have the ability to judge an incident on the parameters of the news values, before declaring it as news. The world of digitalization demands a technical knowhow. Thus a good journalist should also know to handle different aspects of technology which encompasses multimedia, online skill and so on. He should keep himself, updated with the buzz and the happenings around the globe.

New Career Options in present day journalism

Journalism covers all issue and happenings of the world and it will continue to kindle the society, by spreading awareness regarding different issues. Thus the need of the talented and the experienced will be always be present in the journalism sector, as the trend of narrating stories and incidents to people will never stop. The present day journalism has opened new portals for those who seek journalism as a career option. The demand of the free lance journalists and content writers, have shown a steady growth in the past few years. Moreover, the existing journalism will continue appreciating, the work of talented and experienced journalist for the purpose of critical journalism which is the need of an hour.