Peer pressure impacting productivity

Peer pressure has been known to be an evil attached with all workplaces irrespective of the sector and industry. While many of these professionals stumble to the antics of peer pressure, the others get on with their work life, uninfluenced by the peer pressure. Competition has always been known to exist everywhere right from the school yard where you might feel the pressure when your friend hits all the goals while you falter away when reaching the goal post. However a new research study has proved that peer pressure can be used to ensure an elevation in the employees’ productivity. When a group of people work alongside a colleague, who records greater productivity, they show signs of improving their productivity and working harder too. This trend certainly is a positive sign but whether such a tactic could be blanketed for all business sectors is still a doubtful question.

Absence of monetary rewards

It has to be noted that the increase in productivity comes out unconsciously without any added promise of monetary rewards or incentives with peer pressure acting as the booster. This is indeed a healthy sign for the business sector in general. It is a common fact that no one in any office would ever want to be type-casted as a slacker. And therefore when his/her colleague works laboriously, there is the unconscious effort to elevate one’s productivity and contribute in a better way to the fortunes of the company.

Applying the right strategies

As mentioned earlier, this strategy does not hold true for all business sectors in general and there are even chances of the peer pressure being exploited in a negative manner by the employees. This therefore points to the need for careful and intelligent application of strategies such that this pressure can be channeled in a positive way.

If the star of the office does turn out to influence others’ productivity in a positive way, then it is indeed a good sign. Such a mentality, if exploited in the right way, could be great for the company.

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