Personal Assistant: An Emerging Career Option

The terms Personal Assistant (PA) give us an idea that this is primarily meant for the rich & famous, precisely for the celebrities or big businessmen. A personal Assistant is supposed to carry out their daily business or personal work. If you though so then it’s time for you to update your information base.

Many companies are hiring personal assistants take care of their daily office work, which includes services like – answering, & screening phone calls & e-mails, making travelling arrangements, scheduling meeting & more.

The job of a PA can be a rewarding career both professionally & financially.But there is no certain job specific responsibility. You may also have to book the table for the boss & his family for a lovely dinner!

One needs to understand that their services are being hired to reduce the workload of the person they are assisting, who are generally top managers, CEOs, Directors, the Chair person of that company or any important personality who don’t have enough time to manage things themselves. So, you will have to learn your job quickly & deliver the same with utmost sincerity. As the job may require the PA to handle a important and confidential, internal documents, they should maintain complete integrity. This is the most important quality that the candidate must display through their work, apart from the capability to multi task without losing their head!

One benefit of working as a personal assistant is that now we have the opportunity to telecommute. If you have all the required technical equipments, you are good to go. You can enjoy the comfort of staying at home; avoid the trouble of travelling to office everyday & earning a handsome compensation at the end of the month. You can opt for part time of full time position as per your convenience.

So, if you have the ability to handle administrative work & are ready to sharpen your skills, then this is the correct career path for you.