Planning Your Career for Growth & Success

Success & career growth is one major issue and biggest drive in your professional life. Everyone wants to be successful in his/her career and for that you need to maintain a healthy and progressive career ladder. Success is not achieved overnight, at least not in every field by every one; you earn it with all your efforts and dedication over years.

Gone are the days of company loyalty when people used to get retired from the same company they started their career with. Today’s dynamic world demands pace and versatility, whereby your prolonged association with same firm with minimal growth is taken as stagnation.

Your career thus not only requires your efforts but seeks a planned and strategic career movement. Heading towards success, you can follow the below plan or make yourself a similar plan of action that suits you:

  1. Identify and analyze your need and urgency for a job, is it money that is driving you or self actualization, which will drive your way to and defines you success.
  2. Ponder on a short-term career plan of two-three years analyzing your current situation and where you want to be next two years. Be clear about your long term career plan and plan your short term plans so as to fetch you the essentials.
  3. Ask yourself, do you like your current job, do the job-profile and the related job-responsibilities contribute towards your career plans and thereby what should be your next career move.
  4. See whether talking your plans with your boss can get you a relevant platform and breakthrough to growth. If the need to change stands out, you first need to identify the reason(s) to change job, as they will guide you further which way to proceed.
  5. Analyze your set of skills and talent vs what job and profile justifies you. While analyzing your skills do check for if you have got transferable skills, etc. which could enhance your worth and profile.
  6. Analyze your expectations and needs from the job, like monetary scenario, growth opportunities, market scenario, line of interest, etc.
  7. Does your current qualifications meet your growth demands or some higher qualifications are sought-of. Going in for higher education, volunteer programs or undertaking projects are highly fruitful making you eligible for your dream job(s).
  8. Job-hunting when done, it has to be very strategic keeping in mind your plans and how best they can be answered.

This way you must move ahead & grow year after year, first setting yourself a goal and achieving it, then draft yourself another target to go-in for. Your long-term plans basically are broader set of plan of action whereby the focus is at higher level of achievements in terms of core, technical and soft- skills, higher level of accomplishment and self actualization.

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