Preparing for a Video Job Interview

Preparing for a Video Job Interview The conventional way of job interview is fast going extinct and video job interview is there to take the place. But this new fashion needs very careful employment of some measures for a successful outcome. As the interviewer and the interviewee are not physically present in front of each other one might think that many a thing can be overlooked for their partial view to each other through the webcam. But, reality differs from this supposition. Video job interview takes more preparations than an in-person meeting. One’s appearance on the screen is how one judges the other, so an appropriate use of the webcam and the props available is necessary to make the session impressive.

The technical measures those are important to stress upon are good quality web cam, good source of light and necessary props to frame your place in a presentable way. If one sees smudged walls on screen he obviously would not grow a very positive idea about the place. Therefore, one should try to arrange the things around him in a way that forms a positive impression about the place. The next important thing is to have a practiced manner of conversation on camera. For this, one should exercise his conversation a bit on camera to have a decent idea of his body language and confidence level.

Although each person can only see the top half of the other that does not signify that one would dress up only for his upper half, as an improper dress code may spoil your confidence and perfect ambience to continue with. Along with these, one needs to have a clear idea to properly look at the camera, because the wrong angles of your face would result in a wrong view of yourself. This wrong facial position would definitely rouse a negative sense in the viewer’s mind. The best way is to look at the camera eye instead of computer screen. Focusing on the camera eye both the person can make an eye contact onscreen which encourages the conversation.