Prioritize your early noon tasks

Early noon means you’ve got time till 12 to plan and get the most important or difficult tasks done.

Question is why early noon? If you are looking for the best time to tax your brain then morning to early noon has got to be the most suitable time to do so! This is definitely the term when you’re brain functions at its best and is ready to take in all the challenges with zest and fervor!

So what are things which you actually need to get aligned so that you can perform to the best of your capability at the time when your mind functions at its best?

First of all, always plan your work a day in advance so that there is no urgency about doing anything. If required keep buffer hours in hand. That ways, even if anything needs to be done immediately you are not hurried to complete your own tasks. Another excellent way to get your work done on time is to set the most difficult tasks for the earlier hours of the day so that you are able to focus and put in your energy without feeling the pressure of it.

Also, if you have any big or important projects to take care of then always keep them for the first half of the day. The logic for doing is also the same. More energy means more focus and lesser time taken to do the work. If you are planning for a team meeting then do it in the latter part of the day and keep your mornings free for the more taxing jobs. Don’t forget to include a few mid morning breaks. Even your mind needs ventilation for efficient functioning.

Once you have been able to implement these in your daily routine, notice the difference that it creates in your daily routine – work done on time and all targets met as required!

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