Probable Career Scenario for 2013

Another year has come and gone. It’s time to welcome the New Year. The year 2012 may have been a mixture of good and bad (as all things are) but for the upcoming year we have a lot going towards the positive side and among them are new opportunities opening up for the professionals in a few sectors. So, if you wish to change your sector and shift to a different one then you can take your pick from some of the most flourishing ones such as hospitality, healthcare, IT, Nonprofit (NGOs), business services and manufacturing. These are perhaps some of the fastest growing of them all and there is least chance to get laid off in the middle of the tenure and thus they are safer to be chosen as job options. The prospects are attractive in these sectors with impressive growth pattern to go up the ladder from junior to senior positions.

This was one side of the story, the other one is that you will have to doubly careful about what you put in your resume. If you don’t want to say something, then omit it altogether but don’t lie to your prospective employer. Remember that there is tough competition and a missed chance can be a lost chance – so it’s better not to take that risk at all.

Another probable scenario, which of course isn’t anything new, is that education and career will no longer have clear demarcations. Students will start looking for suitable jobs as soon as they start their graduations so that they don’t have to go through the span of unemployment after they have graduated.  Career path for women will be a bit uncertain as most of them have been observed to change their jobs at a certain age in mid life to balance their career and family life. They may also prefer opportunities that let them work from home.

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