Proper ways to give a feedback

Giving feedback to employees is absolutely necessary if performance and productivity is to be improved. However, giving proper feedback requires skill to some extent. If you happen to be an employer and always stumble every time when it comes to giving feedback to your employees, you should follow some simple rules that would help you to communicate with your employees effectively.

First, try to be as positive as possible. It is a fact that people tend to react more to negative remarks than positive ones. So, be careful when you say something to your employees. Even if you have to give a negative feedback place it in such a manner that it does not offend your employee.

Second, always try to provide a solution to the problem. In case of negative performances your duty does not get finished only by giving your employees the feedback. Try to figure out where the problem lies and provide a solution if possible. This would help your employees realize that though you are the boss you tend to work as a team member.

Third, if possible conduct the feedback session in private. Getting a negative feedback in front of co-workers can put some employees in a mental depression which would ultimately take a toll on their productivity. So, it is wise to call employees in private and give them the necessary feedback. This will help them understand what they need to do in future without the fear of being humiliated in front of others.

Finally, always put your best efforts to maintain a cordial relation with your employees. It would make the feedback process easier and even if the feedback is negative your employees will try to improve their quality and productivity to help your company grow. Always keep in mind that your employees are your assets and making them disappointed in any way is not going to help you.

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