Purpose of creating a suitable work place

Purpose of creating a suitable work placeThe entrepreneurs aim at achieving the set target and improve the performance of the company. For the purpose of achieving the set target, the owners create an ambience of work pressure over the employees and the workers which in turn sets on a wave of tension and frustration amongst the workers of the company. The job pressure no doubt triggers efficiency amongst the employees. However it reduces employee’s dedication towards work and makes the ambiance of the working place unsuitable and unfriendly for the workers. The company owners must thing about his employees by providing them some comfort in the working place, amongst the work pressure.

What is an ideal work place?

An ideal work place is arranged, keeping in mind the comfort of the employees who work hard for ten or more hours. The company owners should think of providing the facilities which will increase the comfort level of the workers. An office must have a rest room where the workers can repose and vent out their tiredness. There should be a provision of a sick room in order to meet the emergency situation and health crisis. Employers must provide latest equipments and machineries to the workers for qualitative work. It is the responsibility of the company to look after the security of all the workers. The working places which are equipped with the facilities of gym and refreshment rooms provide the employee a space to relax and rejuvenate energy to resume working. The company owners should also take care of health and hygiene of the workers and should provide amenities like clean drinking water and good food in the office canteens.

Advantages of providing a suitable work place

Rearranging of the working place and modifying it from time to time, for the purpose of giving comfort to the workers, boosts up the working spirit. Comfort brings positive change in the efficiency level of the worker. The initiative of providing comfort to the workers develops a sense of belonging for the company. Thus the give and take policy is beneficial for workers as well as for the company owners.

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