Pursuing a career in photography

The word photography is derived from two separate Greek words “photos” meaning light and “graphémeaning to draw, thus photography means “drawing with light”. Earlier photography was one of the most disregarded aspects of the arts; connoisseurs felt it should not be equated with fine arts because of the lack of aesthetic skills involved. But that perception has completely changed in the recent times. Today, photography is one of the widely established career choices, which is attracting a large number of youth every day.

Different fields of photography

Knowledge of the different fields of photography can help you decide your area of interest and expertise.

  • Aerial photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Artistic photography
  • Commercial photography, ex. Advertising
  • Event photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Forensic photography
  • Scientific photography
  • Sports photography
  • Travel photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Photojournalism

Getting started

In order to get started as a photographer you do not need a slew of professional degrees but it is advisable to obtain a diploma or a certificate in order to get yourself familiarized with the technical aspects of the subject such as lighting, camera angles, shot optimization and various uses of the lenses.

But what is more important is knack, passion and dedication towards the field; you can start out as an amateur photographer by acquiring a good digital camera. One of the best ways to learn and gain practical experience and exposure in this field is to get apprenticed to a professional photographer.

Personal attributes

Photography as a profession is very demanding because many of the fields such as photojournalism, forensic photography have erratic work hours while others such as wildlife and underwater photography are very physically exhausting. More than the monetary factor, one of the most important incentives for photographers is the creative reward. Therefore it is essential to check whether you have the right mental aptitude for this profession.

Some of the ideal qualities in a photographer are as follows:

  • Tenacity
  • A discerning eye for detail
  • Imagination and creativity
  • A perceptive mind and good observation powers.

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