Reasons for leaving your job

So, you think it’s time to move on and take that difficult step of leaving the job you are currently employed in. The point is, have you considered the reasons well? Dealing with the subject from another perspective, have you really gone through all the factors before coming to the final decision? Just to be sure you should take a look at the following factors once and then judge whether it is in the best interest of your career as well as the organization that you move ahead with a better option.

Do you think that you career growth has been stalled in the current position? If yes then what are the reasons? Are they related to your skills or the opportunities that are available in the organization? If you find that the reasons are the skills that you have brought in to the job then it’s time to upgrade the skills. If the reasons are scarcity of opportunities in the organization then it’s definitely a good option to look ahead. Also, if the position has no further challenges to offer then it’s better for the overall development and growth of your career that you look for better opportunities.

Two of the most common reasons that may compel an employee to take the decision of leaving their job are perhaps – work pressure and issues with the manager. Both these factors can be negated if the intervention steps taken at the right time.

These were a few career based reasons that could induce you take the ultimate decision of leaving your job. Let’s take a look at other situational reasons as well. The most important reason among all the environmental factors is definitely a change in your location, which can make it difficult for you to commute from your residence to your office.

If the organization is going through the process of restructuring then that may cause you to lose your job as well. So, in that case you should have your options ready so that you are not left without a source of employment.

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3 Responses to “Reasons for leaving your job”

  1. eCampus says:

    Thank you so much for sharing information reasons for leaving your jobs. Really it’s useful us.

  2. RAJU HALDER says:

    i have a new job.

  3. ajit jadhav says:

    since last two to three years no growth no challeging work and no changing place/work,so i need to change me my job in electronics or IT software or hardware on backoffice/related jobs.