Rejuvenating Your Working-Environment

Working environment plays a vital part and role in today’s life as not only major share of the active day is spent in there but it has a major influence on your personality as well. Working environment includes the nature of job, physical location and condition of workplace, equipments and process related to work and the work-culture at the workplace. While the nature of job and physical location and least accessible factors for changes, others are to be worked upon and maintained properly and ethically.

Hereby two perspective are to be understood, wherein first is employers’ point of view. An employer invests and incurs costs in hiring and maintaining his staffs and seeks an optimum utilization of his resources thus. While the other face of the coin in an employee’s perspective, who in return of his work and efforts, not only seeks his remuneration but as well expects a friendly and healthy work environment. In your several days at work, your office becomes another family for you where you have friends, seniors and juniors every relation having its own rapport and relevance. As such a hostile work environment not only deteriorates your productivity but in the long run hampers your personality and health, both physical and mental.

An ideal work environment is not only a hypothetical concept but a tried and tested formula to increase and retain the productivity of the employees. Refer the below list of few factors enriching and rejuvenating the working environment:

1.      Open Work-Culture: Open-culture based working environment is in trend and an integral system these days, bonding the employee-employer rapport more strongly.

2.      Sense of Belongingness: Employees when made to feel as partners over employees their enthusiasm is boosted, boosting their morale.

3.      Healthy Competition: The competition within work environment should be healthy and motivating instead of demoralizing and criticizing.

4.      Friendly and Fun based work Environment: When people have fun at their work they readily go extra miles giving out more productive results and returns.

5.      Appreciations and Acknowledgments: A single of word of appreciation at the end of a hard work is highly motivating for employees.

6.      Interesting Job Responsibilities as well are a great motivational tool.

If the employees are happy and they enjoy doing their job, good work and good outputs follows automatically. Thus an ideal work-environment if worked upon and incorporated, it automatically lubricates the productivity.

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