Resign And Re-sign

Opportunity is a tricky word and it also presents some very tricky situation in life, as at times it includes some very delicate issues. One such issue is when you get a better offer from the rival company , implying the company which is competing against your present organization.

You are bound to face a dilemma while confronting your boss and telling him the exact reason behind leaving the company. The obvious question from your boss’s end will be – why you are so eager to leave the company.

It is always better to avoid lies as that may create more confusion and result in a distasteful situation between the two of you. But we cannot deny the fact that sometimes it is very difficult to communicate directly about the news of joining their rival company. Well that doesn’t mean that you will not grab the opportunity and stay back in your current position just to avoid confrontations. You just need to be slightly diplomatic and witty in presenting the facts in front of him.

  • If you decide to say him verbally go ahead, don’t hesitate. Hesitation may worsen the present relation too.
  • Tell him the truth that you are not going to continue working with him anymore directly without nagging.
  • If you are writing down your resignation then be straight forward enough to make him understand your point without getting into too many details of  leaving.
  • It is not always required to explain everything to him. Don’t over emphasize or flood your letter with emotions. This may lead to problems in some cases.
  • Women employees are generally asked less questions if they include that term ‘personal problem’ in their resignation letter.

Be nice enough to make your point clear. You are an independent individual and nobody can stop you from doing anything of your choice. You have the right to build your career in the best possible manner and this requires no explanation. Its just that you need to be polite while placing the facts. So stop worrying and pull your socks to grab the new opportunity!