How important is resume in recruitments.

Resume is a first step to invite an employer to make you his employee. Hence it is a marketing and advertising tool where the target audience is the employer and you are the product.

Think of your resume as an advertisement. You are the product and the resume is to show you off to your best advantage. Resume formatting can use your creativity, display innovation and exhibit a fair amount of flair, but at the end of the day, the purpose is to make sure that your resume presents you in the best possible light. Employer selection criteria start with the first glance at your resume.Essentially a resume in the recruitment process is supposed to:

  • Showcase your educational, extra-curricular abilities. Reflects an academic persona with cultural of mind.
  • Present a comprehensive picture of your educational progression with mentioning of your boards and percentages.
  • Resume serves the purpose of highlighting career experience, providing a holistic look at career development and giving a feel of skills, competencies and transferable as well as professional skills. It is important for the resume to project entrepreneurial, managerial and business abilities of the candidate depicting your leadership qualities.
  • Resume should showcase information about extra-curricular interests, activities, hobbies, sports achievements etc as organization committees are interested in knowing the overall persona of the candidate.

A good resume is one which provides an accurate, comprehensive and complimentary snapshot of educational experience, extracurricular activities, other accomplishments, community service endeavors, sports achievements and accurate representation of the professional achievement as a candidate.

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