Role of nonverbal communication in an interview

The negative gestures and its impact Apart from the qualification, impressive resumes, portfolios and communication skills, non verbal communication also counts, during an interview. The interviewees often commit the mistake of ignoring the importance of body language and nonverbal communications. However little gestures, the style of upholding and the way of carrying oneself, plays a vital role in convincing the interviewers. This is because in a formal institution and interviews, some manners, ethics and code of conduct occupies an important niche and are treated as parameters to judge appearing candidates.

What are nonverbal communications?

Nonverbal communication has the potential to communicate which talks about many things, keeping aside the verbal communication and the degrees mentioned in the resume. The facial expression, tonal quality and the pitch of the voice, body language which includes posture of sitting and walking while coming inside or moving out of the room, where the interview is taking place, all play an important role in the whole interview process. The eye contact, hand gesture and the ability to handle the personal space, the way of touching and the overall code of conduct comes under the nonverbal communications. These communications support the verbal communication and other qualities of an interviewee to frame a positive impact on the interviewer. The indecent gestures or movement gives a negative impact to the interviewers who tend to reject the candidates. Thus every expression should be veiled by the formal code of conduct. The expression of excitement on hearing the positive response should control or restricted in order to maintain the impression formed. A frowning or a sad face results in setting a negative impact on the members of the interview board.

The negative gestures and its impact

A casual walk, a shabby dress, entering with a chewing gum in mouth or headphones, paves way to a negative response because these actions are beyond the ethics of presenting oneself in an interview. The hand co-ordination should be maintained while answering an interview. One must keep in mind that hands should not be used into veil nervousness which includes twirling the hair locks, positioning the tie, biting nails and tapping hands on the desk. Habits like tapping feet should be left outside the interview room.