Save Yourself from Mid- Career Itch!

Mid-Career Itch is a state of stagnation, loss of confidence and self-belief in your career due to lack of excitement, new things to learn and new challenges to face. Your job starts getting monotonous and predictable leading you to dissatisfaction and may be depression in the long run. It’s thus very important to be ready and fight this devil before it overpowers you.

Below are a set of suggestions thereby to follow:

Things to do:

  1. Finding your job getting monotonous and you are stagnating, be proactive and inform the management that you are running into a career crisis, so that they can help you come over it.
  2. Be open and transparent to your boss and volunteer for your boss’s requirements and show him your efficiency so that, he will willingly assign you responsible projects/duties.
  3. Explore the latent opportunities for yourself within the organization and approach the management for same. Try to move in different job-roles, get more job responsibilities and maintain a level of excitement in your job.
  4. If after all your efforts, you don’t find yourself a hope in the present organization, then it’s time to move on and switch your job/company.
  5. At times you need to give things a chance to settle down. Take a break/ leave from your job and invest some quality time with family/friends. Meanwhile refresh yourself and if possible, acquire new skills and look-out for a new job.
  6. Switching to a new job is a good way of getting rid of mid career itch, whereby you enrich your experience profile in terms of both, job-profile and responsibilities, etc as well as getting exposed to different work-cultures.
  7. Another solution is to change your domain altogether. This refers to a complete change in profile, industry, designation, job-profile, job-location, etc.
  8. Do set yourself short-term goal to be achieved in 5 years(say) and get yourself reviewed regularly by your mentor to keep yourself progressive and productive and your career moving in the right growth direction.
  9. Be bold and confident in taking decision and initiatives and to invite changes.
  10. Stay away from office politics as unduly getting indulged in it may get you into bigger and complex problems, deteriorating your professional and personal life.

Things to Avoid:

  1. Sitting idle and wait for the management to find you stacked and sinking in this problem and approach you with the remedy.
  2. Having a reluctant attitude towards work and targets, and find complaints/excuses regarding every problems/failures, won’t help you, how much changes or switching you may try.
  3. Instead of remedying the problem, you let it grow and engulf you completely and getting into a state of depression would only worsen the situation.

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