Selecting Right For Global Mobility

Long distance interactions- social, economic, political or cultural are not new in human history. Globazation gave birth to a lot of cross border activities. One of them was free trade. Today when companies are doing business in the global market, the need of sending employees to different countries on assignments is also rapidly pacing up.

Companies are trying to explore new business destinations to maximize their profit. For that they are shifting many of their workers to these locations. These international projects are very expensive & are of great importance. Making a single wrong move might lead to huge losses and the company losing its reputation in the international business arena. So it is quite obvious that they need to be handled by some very able associates. It is for this reason that organizations these days are focusing more on selecting correct employees to handle international projects.

It’s high time that we should make a quick note of the best practices to help the talent acquisition team select the best candidate.

  • In order to avoid any wastage of time & money, we need to opt for an interview selection panel, rather than a one-on-one-session. A panel should typically include the operation manager of the particular function, that the person is being appointed for, an internal HR & the HR from the international location.
  • Recruiters should prefer candidates, who have

handled similar assignments in the particular destination

handled similar assignments in some other international location

are proficient with the culture of the destination country

  • Shortlist candidates, who can speak local language
  • The recruiter can take help of the Intercultural Adaptation Assessment (IAA). This is an online tool, which measures the candidate’s ability to judge situations. But this should be used as one of the means & not the only one.
  • Give the candidate a clear & real picture of the job. Make them aware of the negative aspects also, so that they can be prepared for any adverse situation

No matter where you work, manpower is always the most valuable resource for any company. These tips might help you find quality candidates to fetch you business success irrespective of the location you are aiming to serve.

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