Self-Appraisal: Getting Yourself a Good Rating

Self-appraisal is an HR initiative under the overall Employee Performance Appraisal. The concept basically asks you to rate yourself and your performance on a rating meter against various parameters. Self appraisal gives a platform to highlight all you achievements, strengths, problem faced vs. solutions developed, etc.; and to talk about weaknesses and the training requirements(if any), etc. Thus you must not take it lightly and instead prepare for it in advance as you have to very tactfully put forth your worth to your management. If drafted and presented well your work gets better notice and thereby earns you good ratings and increment, etc.

Following is a list of tips which can make your appraisal form effective:

  1. Be honest in accepting your set of achievements and failures.
  2. Be Prepared in advance, along with the relevant data, statics and references.
  3. Objectivity as well is important here as both exaggeration and downplay of your performance is inadvisable. The achievements is preferred to be supported with relevant statics.
  4. Have a positive attitude towards the process, share your achievements, take onus of your failure and show your enthusiasm for future.
  5. Cover all your accomplishments you have earned against the targets set. Justify your position, advocate your capabilities and skills.
  6. Discuss all the hindrances/problems, you have encountered and how tactful you were in handling and resolving them.
  7. Be co-operative and share your suggestions and ask for the put forth the training requirements(if any)
  8. Volunteering for future responsibilities/projects, not only shows your enthusiasm for work but also commitment to grow and learn.
  9. Define your personal growth in terms of new job-responsibilities you have taken, newer skills you have acquired, etc.
  10. Justify yourself against the KRAs assigned to you and your worth for the organization.

Your self-appraisal form filled properly only, does not guarantees you a good performance appraisal, but it at least puts your point of view and your expectations before your seniors.