Sharing data with team members

The work of a manager is to keep the work process smooth and deliver the performance desired by the employer. If you are in such a position you must know how important it is to have coordination in your team in order to maximize the output. But, there are many business managers who find it easier to keep crucial data hidden from his team members rather than sharing with them. Such an attitude only increases the stress on the manager and ultimately poses a serious hindrance to the overall performance of the organization. Hence, data sharing among team members is absolutely important.

If you are a manager who likes to keep crucial company data locked in the drawer of his office desk, it is time to change your approach. Instead of keeping the data away from the eyes of your team members, try to place the reports in front of them. This would ultimately help them understand what has been done so far and what needs to be done in future. The more you do this, the more your team members will get accustomed to the numbers, thus developing a clear idea about what their services are yielding.

Try to uncomplicate the whole thing and place it before your team. Putting the figures on the whiteboard during the weekly meeting would help you interact more candidly with your team and you would be able to identify and respond to the problems that have gone unaddressed so far. It may take you sometime if you are more accustomed to the practice of keeping data sheets locked in office drawers. But, once you get used to it you are bound to love the good effects that data sharing brings with it. It can solve problems within a few minutes by increasing interaction and communication not only between the boss and the employee but also among the employees themselves.

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