Should Professional Workers Display Tattoos At Workplace?

Tattoos are immensely popular among the members of the current generation. Young people are, in general, only too eager to sport different patterns of tattoos and other body art themes – in order to profess messages and meanings, which can be of various types. The overall fashion quotient of a person is also decidedly upped by the presence of strategically placed, interesting tattoos.However, should tattoos be displayed by employees at their offices? While there is no general answer to this query, it can be said that, your actions should depend on the line of work you are involved in.

Many organizations have specific dress codes and/or clearly spelt-out ‘no-tattoo’ rules. In such cases, it is obviously imperative for a worker to cover up his/her tattoo. You should also try to assess the nature and environment of your workplace. If your office is rather conservative, with your seniors and peers sticking to a strictly formal way of dressing, it is advisable for you to follow their path as well. In addition, if you are posted at a senior level in your company and have to regularly interact with people from other corporate bodies, elaborately displayed tattoos might just appear to be a touch too flippant.

However, if you happen to be involved in any creative profession, like the advertising or the fashion designing sectors, you can easily show off your tattoos at workplace (provided that, there are no general rules barring the same). Tattoos often say a lot about the basic traits of an individual, and the mottos (s)he lives by. In case you wish to, and are permitted to display your tattoos at office, make sure that they are artistic, innovative and not, in any way, vulgar. Also, if you are going out on a field job, specifically ask your seniors whether you can keep your tattoos in the open. A wrong assumption on this count can have unfavorable consequences for you as well as your company.

Tattoos are one of the most happening fashion trends of the modern age. Check with your colleagues at office before deciding to flaunt them at workplace though.

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