Six ways to Create Great Manpower for hiring Mangers

Recruitment is one of the most crucial functions for any organization. The recruiters are the ones who are responsible for building the correct manpower that can either take the company to greater heights or ruin everything. Hence, the role of recruitment or hiring manager becomes more vital. For them, always getting the right people is a tough job.

Even with new channels like- social network, job portals, cell phones & employee referrals, it is still difficult to find the right people. First we have to understand the reason so that we can easily find the corrective measures.XX

  • Companies look for professionals who can take lager cross functional responsibilities
  • They want high quality candidates at lowest of pay structures

We will now take a look at the most effective ways to create a strong workforce:

ü   Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a source of a huge candidate database, where we can search profiles by using keywords. But still you can miss out on quality candidates. To avoid this situation, first understand the system to make sure you are not overlooking the right candidate. You can think of creating an online checklist where the applicants can update their profile & select the job specific skills. This will be much easier for you than searching for the resumes.

ü  Using social networking platforms effectively. Today most applicants first check the social media then job portals & eventually they visit the company website. So the hiring managers need to understand the pattern and then plan the hiring strategy.

ü  Cell phones are also an innovative way to source the right candidate. Today almost everyone carries a cell phone & that’s not all they also access social channels through mobiles. They can check the updates anytime anywhere & reply without wasting any time

ü  If you find the right talent after the position is filled, you can still store the data for future reference. For that you have to analyze future need & trends.

ü  If employees have skill issues, that will affect the business. For that coordinate with the training department to understand the area of concern & arrange refreshers to bridge the gap

ü  AT the end of the day you are selling your brand image. So, if someone shares a negative experience about your organization’s work culture or the actual interview process, it may harm your company’s reputation. So ensure that the branding efforts are going in the right direction.

As a hiring manager your job is to improve the company brand. Understand the business & use technology which can bring the best talents.

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