Smartly handling the “Salary History” question in an interview

What is your salary expectation? This is a question that all employers use to toy around with the mind of the candidate sitting before him/her in an interview room. This is also a question that all candidates would prefer to avoid during an interview because their answer could determine whether they get the job or not. Considering the seriousness of the question, why do people foolishly navigate with the question and thus make an uninformed decision? Here are some tips which will help you handle the “salary history” question in a smarter way and assist you in getting the job.

Knowing the company

One night prior to the interview, you need to sit down and do a comprehensive research on the company. This will help you in understanding the potential of the company in the market and also the importance of your job position. Having an informed idea of your responsibilities will aid you in giving a correct salary expectation answer.

Thorough knowledge of your skills

You need to have a thorough knowledge of your skills and whether you will be able to fit in the job position. If you think that you can work well under demanding and pressurized circumstances, then your chances of negotiating the salary is high.

Marking the answer “confidential”

It is sometimes termed inappropriate for an employer to enquire about your salary history because your salary history will have nothing to do with the job requirements. This is just a tactical plan on the side of the employer to get the number out of you. To this, you could either say that the salary history is confidential or you could say that you would want to answer the question after knowing the job requirements.

These are three important tips that will help you in the long term prospects of getting all the questions right and making a successful career.

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