Some common interview questions

Interviews always expect the best from us. And, they scare the best out of us as well! No matter how much well prepared and confident you are, dealing with the employer sitting on the other side of the table is always a nerve wrecking thought. So what can you do to keep your faculty of reasoning in place? Simple, predict the kind of questions and prepare accordingly. This will definitely give you the boost you are looking for. It sounds almost like preparing for examinations where you are aware that certain questions will definitely be common while for the others you need to give an impromptu answer! Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that the interviewers love to shoot.

Firstly, you can expect them to ask you speak about yourself, this while they are browsing through your CV. They will expect you to talk for at least 2 to 3 minutes as that will give them enough time to study your profile well so that they can ask you the next question based on that. If you have previous work experience then you can definitely expect that the next question will be something like – why you left that job and were there any issues or not. While the first question gave you enough scope to be descriptive, be careful not to go into any stories for the second question. Be precise and give a positive response which shall by no means put the blame on your ex employer.

Other questions that you can be sure of facing are:

  • Why should the company hire you or what value you will add to the organization?
  • How well can you work in teams and examples of your problem solving and communication skills?
  • How much you know about the company?
  • Whether you read or not and what you have been reading recently?

Be sure that the reply that you have come up with isn’t too much on the make-believe side because that can easily be detected by the interviewer. Just be positive all the time and base your replies on valid instances.

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