Some of the coolest outdoor jobs

Some of the coolest outdoor jobs There are many who prefer outdoor jobs more than the corner desk at offices. However, in order to get a good outdoor job one does not have necessarily to be a sales representative or a public utility mechanic only. There are a number of outdoor jobs that are interesting and at the same time pay well to the employees. If are in search of such a job you may consider a few before you decide to stick to one.

If you like a touch of thrill in your job, the career of a lifeguard can be the perfect choice for you. A lifeguard is entrusted with saving the lives of people facing the danger of drowning at sea beaches, riverfronts and even sometimes at water parks. This would help you come in contact with a large number of people every day and will also inculcate in you a deep sense of satisfaction as you save lives of distressed people.

Another viable career option for you if you are in search of some good outdoor jobs is the career of an island tour guide. This is more like an adventure than a profession. You would always be able to be in the lap of nature. The best part of this career is that you can easily earn a handsome salary by doing the job that you would love most.

Being a golf director can also make you happily employed. Golf is one of the most loved and widely played games in the world and so the job of a golf director is both prestigious as well as highly paying. In order to become a golf director you must know how to play the game well and what are the strategies involved with it.

If you love the world in its pristine form and want to be the guard to its assets, the job of a park ranger is going to suit you most. It is both a thrilling as well as an adventurous job as you have to wander through forests and mountains throughout the day to detect and prevent any illegal activity. You would also be able to earn a pretty handsome salary in this job.