Some power verbs to be used in your resume

If you have still not learnt the art of using powerful words to fortify your skills on the resume, then this article can help you. It focuses on some ‘action verbs’ that you can use to state your point on the resume and make it powerful enough. It needs to be remembered here that the usage of the verbs needs to be correct and appropriate otherwise, you would end up sending a wrong message to your potential recruiter. Given below are some sample action verbs and their usage in a particular sentence.

  • Prioritized the implementation of the urgent projects and then channel the way for subsequent relatively less important projects.
  • Headed a complete team of telemarketing professionals for the pharmacy sector and contributed in topping the employee charts.
  • Expanded the crucial and strategic client base of my previous company.
  • Invited to present papers on improving the productivity at corporate workplaces.
  • Ranked as the number 1 employee in the sales and marketing team of the company.
  • Won numerous performance appraisal awards and the honor of the ‘Best corporate minded employee of the Year’.
  • Orchestrated the transformation of the company from the KL5 to GL6 engine production.
  • Audited the corporate client reports and analyzed their findings.
  • Bolstered the daily employee productivity and played a vital role in improving the annual turn-over of the company.
  • Coordinated the functioning and conduction of the annual client and business meetings.
  • Ensured the maximum exploitation and utilization of the company resources by its employees.
  • Formulated key business strategies that will go on to play a vital role for the company in the long run.

The above power verbs can excellently and powerfully convey the idea that you want to send to your employer. These tactics can prove to be valuable for your resume.

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  1. dhanya says:

    thanking for mentiond the diff btwn cv& resume . kindly can you provoide resume and cv is much more easier to understnd how make cv and resume also. THANK YOU CAREESMA.