Stage manager, man behind the show’s success

Lights, sound, camera and all the actions both on stage and of stage are tactfully managed and looked after by the stage manager and his helping members. A stage manager is the controller of all the happenings on stage and off stage. He shoulders the responsibility of making any show a success by balancing the technical elements and onstage positioning of the furniture and other articles of stage decoration.

Duties of a stage manager

A drama is directed and enacted, according to the norms of the three unities which stand for the unity of time, place and action. In order to abide by the three unities of drama, there should be a good rapport between director and the stage manager. The time of entry and exit of the actors are decided by the directors and the coordination of such actions is maintained by stage manager. He should also maintain coordination with the stage designer in order to look after the stage decoration, backdrop setting, placement of furniture and other items which are used for stage decoration. He needs to take care of bringing the creative ideas of the stage designer and directors into practice, onstage. A good stage manager should know to tackle the situation of crisis, so that even in the state of crisis the show must go on. He should maintain the track with the technical experts and sound department, in order to avoid technical and sound errors. He has also to revise the promotional strategies of the production house.

Career options for aspirants

Going to theatres, is still a popular culture in almost every country. Keeping in mind the popularity of drama amongst the theatre goers, many dramas are scripted and scheduled throughout the year. The stage, props, technical elements are needed to be managed by a manager who can arrange every elements related to theatres and fight all odds both onstage and offstage. This brings in the demand for experienced and talented stage managers. The touring theater companies also appoint the freelance stage managers for better handling and arrangements of the play. The aspiring stage managers should look for the opportunities of managing the small scale theatres which adds on to his experience and perfection.