Staying Mindful is Possible within the Stressful Life and Work

Staying Mindful is Possible within the Stressful Life and Work

Mindfulness is an essential trait for the success in any profession. Without giving sufficient concentration no one can excel in his task, as diverted mind cannot let you focus entirely to your work. In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness of being completely engaged in a particular thought, without any judgment. Mindfulness is helpful to increase resilience and sharpen up intelligence, so at work being mindful lets you improve your communication with others. Your performance improves in the process, for your anxieties, conflicts and stresses get greatly reduced, and your productivity gets a boost.

If you are confused whether you are mindful or not in your work, you can try a simple test. See if you cannot remember what others said during a conversation, or whether you cannot recall the daily session of your journey, or you are paying more attention to your cell phone than on those who are close to you, or you are dwelling in the past and even getting anxious about future. If the answers always come in yes you can be sure that you are not mindful in your sphere completely.

In the present scenario, job always asks more with providing you less, leading you losing your mindfulness. Working for long hours with increasing workloads produce stress that is though a mark of honor in today’s work culture, according to Mark Williams who is a professor of clinical psychology at the university of Oxford it is counterproductive.

Neurological advantages of mindfulness have been widely considered as the booster of emotional intelligence, and more accurately self-regulation. The latest developments in these areas provide us the power to manage conflict and communicate ourselves more efficiently. Mindfulness also enhances our perspectives of intelligence enabling us to consider the alternative options rather than immediately reacting to any event using the least intelligent part of our brain.

Mindfulness in workplace does not altogether make the conflict and difficult issues vanished. Rather it enables you to acknowledge those more skillfully and effectively, thereby earning you recognition at your work sector. Over time, mindfulness teaches you to develop your inner faculties to navigate through difficult and stressful moments more efficiently and easily.

Mindfulness helps you become more conscious about a rising emotion through noticing the sensation in body. Getting the signal you can be aware of it, and start the necessary things to do. But, a more beneficial step to this rising emotion would be to make you relaxed by taking a deep breath. Once you find your emotion being under your control you can respond to any kind of situation in a more compassionate way.

If practiced regularly mindfulness will surely prove profitable to increase the brain’s ability to soothe itself and develop neutral areas to exercise. Like physical exercises this is also a kind of therapeutic exercise perfected over a lot of practice and dedication. But, if you are looking for a simple way the shortest is the one minute meditation for which all you have to do is to find a calm place and sit relaxed to focus your attention on your breath. The process gradually gets your mind calm and quiet.