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Top 10 Salary Negotiating Tricks

Salary is an integral part of every professional’s job description, right from a clerk to a CEO. Even an entrepreneur keeps a clause of fixed salary slab for himself to be presented as his income. Acting as the source of livelihood for some, independence for some it definitely is a big career driver. Be in the form of basic need or a motivator, it lures all and so people target at good salaries. Salary negotiation thus seeks planning and preparation:

Being Different with Same Set of Pre-Defined KRAs!!

Not every employee gets the same ratings during assessments , its all about how to be different with the same set of pre-defined KRAs. Job responsibilities and daily duties are defined and delegated to you by your boss, but how you do it, in your job, the better you do it, the more effective you will be. To move ahead and lead the rat-race you can try following measures:

  • Meet Your Deadlines : Meeting deadlines is the first thing Bosses note, while (more…)