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Resign And Re-sign

Opportunity is a tricky word and it also presents some very tricky situation in life, as at times it includes some very delicate issues. One such issue is when you get a better offer from the rival company , implying the company which is competing against your present organization.

You are bound to face a dilemma while confronting your boss and telling him the exact reason behind leaving the company. The obvious question from your boss’s end will be – why you are so eager to leave the company. (more…)

Personal Assistant: An Emerging Career Option

The terms Personal Assistant (PA) give us an idea that this is primarily meant for the rich & famous, precisely for the celebrities or big businessmen. A personal Assistant is supposed to carry out their daily business or personal work. If you though so then it’s time for you to update your information base.

Many companies are hiring personal assistants take care of their daily office work, which includes services like – answering, & screening phone calls & e-mails, making travelling arrangements, scheduling meeting & more. (more…)

Freelance Journalism: A whole hearted part-time job

Freelance journalism is one of the most “happening” jobs today, if we can use this adjective! This has been attracting both the newbie and the experienced professional. Some journalists even have specialized training in certain fields along with experience and that bestows them with additional advantages.

Many freelancers aim pretty high before they step into the field of journalism but this should be taken into account that it is not always possible to work under a big brand at the very beginning. A good independent start is more than enough to cope up with the first phase of obligations and obstructions. What’s best needed for this particular job is gathering a bit of experience from the freelancers who are working in this field (more…)

Computer Networking: An Emerging Profession

Computer networking has now taken the peak position as a “hot” career option. There are several positions in the field of networking with varied salaries and long term potentials. This can be pretty confusing for the beginners and may lead to frustrations in some cases but it is quite easy to overcome. Once you start studying the requirements well you will find it effective to work on.

When you choose this as your career then you can start preparing yourself for a few job titles. This will definitely need to be done much earlier as your basic education needs to be chalked out accordingly. You can get a job as a programmer, analyst, technician, engineer, administrator, manager. The pay scale for each job title will be different from the other and will be based on the demands of the work. (more…)

Communicating a Vision: A Leader’s Primary Task

A good student does not always become a good teacher. Similarly, a good performer in a certain field is not also bound to become a good leader of that arena. There are some distinct qualities that make a good leader out of a mass. The most important of those qualities is the power of communicating a vision.

The toughest job that a leader faces is to effectively and fruitfully communicate the organization’s vision. In order to effectively and successfully communicate a vision with others one has to first understand what the vision of the organization is. (more…)