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Making a personal brand

Making a personal brand It is often mistakenly opined that personal branding is the realm of entrepreneurs. However, the truth is it is as important to anyone else as to entrepreneurs. In fact, professionals can largely enhance their career prospects by building and maintaining a personal brand. It is needless to mention that there was no or a very little idea of personal branding among the masses even a few years ago also. But with the advent of internet and computers, this issue has grown more and more important over the time. It is to be kept in mind that the key to success in a competitive market is proper marketing and personal branding as a form of marketing can immensely help an individual secure a good job.

How blogging can help during unemployment

How blogging can help during unemployment The last couple of decades have been marked with post globalization advantages and disadvantages and it is tougher than ever to secure a job, especially amidst the economic crisis the world is going through. However, in order to secure a job is such a condition you have to make use of all the latest procedures that can propel you to the right destination. Drafting a CV and sitting in interviews is not enough nowadays, you have to expand your reach and exhibit your mettle through processes other exams and interviews in order to convince employers truly. Writing blogs can help you do exactly this as this makes the outer world aware of your existence and the sharpness of your qualities.